August 16, 2022

Winter Fashion Trends That You Must Wear Now

We can only say one thing about the winter fashion trends this year: they were designed to lift moods. Fashion designers quickly adapted to the changing world by creating samples from scrap fabric and using digital runways to create new designs. We see bold and bright ideas on the runways. Our winter wardrobes are set to be optimistic. These bright colors, striking prints, vintage-inspired re-inventions, and many more will make it easy to get outside. There are so many options, you only need to choose which one to follow. And check out this Movie blog!

Geometry Class Is In Session

Bold colors and bold shapes make standout prints that will add joy to your winter wardrobe. Black coats are the best choice for winter, but you can add a bold piece to the mix. Mixing and matching prints earn you bonus points.

Artemis Deco Maxi Dress

This maxi dress features a well-placed kick at the skirt and sleeves. It’s easy to wear it now, and then transition into winter with leather gloves and knee-high boots.

Tie Blouse in Geometric White/Black

A tied blouse is so elegant when it’s wrapped around the neck. This blouse is a great staple in your closet and can also be worn as a weekend top.

Color Clash

We are seeing a lot of challenges to traditional fashion rules. Both our Instagram feeds as well as the runways show us that a mixture of saturated colors is possible. There are many options for pink and neon orange, as well as purple and sunshine yellow, and green and cobalt. You’ve had a difficult year. Brightening your wardrobe can bring some color back to your life.

Cora Top

This year, orange has become the new black. Our New Yorker layers are being stripped of their black-on-black and traded in for brighter shades. This sunny shade can be worn all year to bring a smile to your face.

Wool-Blend Straight-Leg Pants

A pair of brightly colored pants will always be a great investment. This pair can be mixed and matched with neon orange, bright pink, or any other color you like to achieve the look we are raving about.

Double Duty

You may be surprised to learn that we recommend pairing your favorite skirt and a tailored pair of trousers. We’re a fan of the trend after seeing it on runways, street style stars, and celebrity photos. Flared pants add length to your body and increase versatility to your wardrobe. This simple styling trick allows you to wear skirts and dresses all year.

Charlotte Windowpane Print Dress

If you are looking for a silhouette that matches well with your trousers, a shift dress is a good place to start. This one can be worn with slim jeans, fitted-and-flare trousers, or a cropped pair for warmer days.

SeaCell-Blend Flared Pants in Organic Cotton and SeaCell®

This fit-and-flare style instantly elongates your legs. These pants can easily be worn from day to night, and you will get many wears with the right accessories.

Ski Season

Apres-ski is only the tipping point. Before, during, and after hitting the slopes, we are wearing ski gear. This exaggerated version of athleisure brings the thrill of sport to your daily life. You can achieve this look with oversized puffer coats, matching winter pants, protective goggles, and patterned knits.

Ski sunglasses in silver and black

Get a pair that will protect your eyes from the harsh winter weather. This is where you can instantly feel cool.

Sweater Keep in Touch

Maximalist sweaters inspired by apres-ski apparel are now part of our daily wardrobe. Anything that feels as warm as a hug deserves a special spot in our wardrobe.

Leather Weather

Not only are matching sets great for summer, but they’re also very useful. With the introduction of colder temperatures and increased leather use, why not go for a head-to-toe leather look? The heavy-duty fabric will protect you no matter what the weather. These items will stand out as separates.

Leather Shirt

A leather matching set is essential for your return to work wardrobe. This top, which makes up half the ensemble, is exactly what the doctor ordered. You can wear this piece day or night by leaving a few buttons unbuttoned.

Midi Skirt in Sculpted Leather

Don’t believe that skirts only work in summer. Our midis are a season-less must-have because we love to style them with thigh-high boots.

You can elevate your handshakes

A long leather glove is a perfect accessory to keep you warm in any weather. This versatile accessory will add length to your arms and drama to any look. For a fresh way to make the most out of your existing pieces, we love to wear gloves with a blouse that is short-sleeved.

Leather gloves

We love long leather gloves. They are elegant enough to be worn to enhance our afternoon tea or lunch.

Shine Bright

Although sparkle and shine are usually reserved for special occasions and evenings, we have learned a few styling tips from runways that prove otherwise. Even in daylight, the shimmer looks great when paired with casual jeans. Layering with blazers, trench coats and vests can create a sophisticated look.

Glitter Cropped Top

This top has just the right amount of glitter. It can be worn as a layer underneath a trench or as a separate piece with a miniskirt for the night.

Furry friend

Dramatic is in our DNA, so when major fashion houses ask us to increase the volume of our fur coats, it’s easy to oblige. All the fluff! To flatter your figure, we recommend choosing between a style that hits you on the floor and a more slender silhouette. Imagine Margot Tenenbaum with steroids.

Shell White Shearling Duffel Coat Shell White

This coat will keep you warm and cozy on your walks in the park. It is larger than life and has a belt that keeps you from looking like a marshmallow. This soft product is truly a luxury.

Incognito Mode

You may be familiar with the Kanye West-inspired sleepaway camp attire that he wore to prepare for his Dondaalbum release. We first saw this trend on the runways at our favorite designers a few months ago. There have been many variations of this trend, including oversized hoodies, ski suits with skintight fabrics, draped fabric overhead, and the traditional babushka. We all know that keeping our heads warm in winter is a fashion trend and that our immune systems can support it.

Wool Hood

This JW Anderson wool-hood hood will replace your beloved beanie and make you feel cozy. This is a great way to cover your hair and prevent bad hair days.

Brevis Hoodie

The lightweight knit feels almost like a second skin. You’ll feel extra mysterious underneath your favorite sweater or trench coat.

Sheer Layers

It may seem strange to wear a sheer, lightweight outfit in winter. But, think again. This trend can be layered perfectly to make a statement for your evenings. To transform your sheer pieces into essential winter wear, you can choose a knitted fabric or long skirt.

Zsa Zsa Sheer Blouse

This sheer blouse is perfect for a night out. You can’t go wrong when planning an outfit around a blouse like this. We’ll be wearing our favorite pair of blue jeans and tall boots as we head out the door.

Window Pane Sheer Skirt

This full-bodied skirt will make you feel like a princess. It stands out from the rest because of its sheer details. It will be worn with a chunky knit for work or a body-flattering bodysuit at dinner parties.