September 25, 2022

Beginner’s Guide for Understanding The Dislyte Games Tactics

Dislyte is a role-playing game created by Lilith Games. This game offers stunning sights and animations, as well as a really pleasant back sound to hear, especially if you use a headphone or other device that can simulate the sensation. This game differs from other RPG games in that it takes place in a technologically advanced metropolis rather than a forest or kingdom. In this Dislyte beginners guide, we’ll give you a quick overview as well as some tips and tactics for playing the game.

The basic plot of this game is to locate a friend named Sieg who was kidnapped by an organization while returning from a music concert by the main character Brynn. To save his best friend, he must join an esper union and fight monsters and deviant or evil espers.

This Story feature will lead you to the game’s main quest, which is to save Sieg. This story is divided into 12 chapters, and you must complete each one. Each chapter is usually broken into eight stages, and you must complete all of them to reach the boss. This story feature will tell the story of Brynn’s journey with the Union Esper to find Sieg, as the name says. It should be pretty entertaining to finish because the goal is clear, and we can enjoy it from the storyline.


You’ll need an esper, who is a character who fights adversaries, when you’re doing a mission or quest. You will bring 5 espers to combat, with a captain leading the squad. If the captain has captain ability, the squad he brings will receive statistics based on the captains. Each Esper has its own set of talents and characteristics, such as elemental or role, as well as a grade of 3, 4, or 5.

1. Becoming acquainted with the Elemental classes

It’s critical to pay attention to the elementals of each of your espers and enemies if you’re playing this game. Shimmer, wind, flow, and inferno are the four components you must understand in this game.

Dislyte follows a triangle cycle, with Inferno defeating Wind, Wind defeating Flow, and Flow defeating Inferno. Because this Shimmer is neutral to all elements, it has no strength or weakness when it comes to other elements. As a result, you must pay attention to the enemy’s elements; if your squad has any vulnerabilities, it is recommended that you replace them so that each of your attacks has a high damage output.

If you face an adversary who has a weakness from your esper, you have a 15% chance of getting a critical hit, and if that fails, you have a 50% chance of getting an elemental boon (+ 30% damage). However, if your esper is a weakness for the enemy, it will have a 50% probability of missing (-25 percent damage).

2. Learn each Esper’s abilities.

To successfully complete missions such as chapters, you must first understand the talents of each esper, as this game is quite complex, with many diverse skills that each have their own individuality.

Take, for example, esper mona’s Moonshot skill, which can do 130 percent damage. If you use this skill to eliminate an enemy, you will gain an additional attack turn. From this, we can deduce that if your adversary’s HP bar (Health Point) is running low, it is highly advised that you use this skill so that if the enemy dies, you will gain an additional turn, which is very useful in preserving other second abilities, so don’t squander them.

If the combat has just begun, the opponent is still in great numbers, thus the Hunter’s Mark or Lunar Hail talents are ideal because they contain attacks that can attack a big number of enemies at once. You intend to apply skills effectively in this manner.

3. Configuring the Relic

This relic has the ability to boost your stats to their maximum. This relic has 6 pieces to fill, each of which is separated into two parts: a relics set and two sets. There are two ways to manage this relic. The first is a hybrid, which means that if your esper is strong in DEF but weak in ATK, you can couple it with a relic that has ATK stats to give your esper decent stats. the equilibrium between DEF and ATK

The second option is to boost the esper’s main strength. For example, if your esper’s numbers are higher in ATK, you can combine it with a relic that also has ATK stats to create an esper with a very powerful ATK type.

This relic has a varying number of secondary traits depending on its grade: flawless relics have four secondary attributes, superb relics have three secondary attributes, elite relics have two secondary attributes, and fine relics have one secondary attribute. It will receive or raise the secondary characteristic randomly if you increase it by a multiple of three, such as +3/+6/+9, and so on.

4. Increasing the Espers’ level

You can efficiently level up your espers by completing the main story, because every time you complete a chapter, you will undoubtedly gain useful exp to level up your esper, because each increase adds to the statistics of each esper, and because the enemy is becoming more difficult to defeat, you will require an esper with a high level to complete the high chapters.

Furthermore, if you have numerous advanced experiments type spirits, you can advance to increase espers using this approach, which is quite successful because it can fast grow your espers, especially if you have advanced experiments with stars above 3.

Last Thoughts

This game is ideal for people looking for an RPG with a variety of sights and feelings. Furthermore, because this game is played in portrait, it can be played with only one hand, allowing you to play it anywhere and at any time. So go ahead and experiment! If you get stuck, you may always refer to this Dislyte Beginners Guide for help.